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In this category you will find audio lectures and courses covering Type, and Human Design in general.

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  • Design Concepts

    Design Concepts

    Your Next Step in Understanding the Fundamentals of Human Design | Key subjects include General Mechanics, Strategy & Authority, and how to live your Design.
  • Way of the Generator

    Way of the Generator

    Are you a Generator? Explore one of the most in-depth courses on the Generator process ever given and learn about the variations of response that come from the Sacral Center.
  • Projector Empowerment - Part 1: Lectures

    Projector Empowerment - Part 1: Lectures

    Projectors are crucial for maintaining a healthy planet. Discover how mastery can empower a Projector’s ability to guide, and attract both recognition and success.
  • Manifestor Manifesto

    Manifestor Manifesto

    We live in a world of Generators, but the 9% that are Manifestors have significant impact. Join Ra Uru Hu as he reveals how this unique type designed for initiating can navigate their challenges and find peace.
  • Projector Empowerment - Part 2: Analysis

    Projector Empowerment - Part 2: Analysis

    Every Projector has a unique role to fulfill as a guide. Join Ra as he covers the essentials of individual charts of Projectors attending this course.
Showing 7 to 11 (of 11 items)