Jovian Archive offers two official Human Design software services: the downloadable application for Windows, and a new, online browser solution. Please review the differences below to find out which one suits you best.

  • ONLINE(new)

    A web application that allows you to log in anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device to access your library of charts, and create new ones.

    New features include a Birth Time Accuracy Scanner, automatic Cycle Chart creation, and Dark Mode for easy nighttime viewing.

    Now includes Penta and BG5 functionality, and the ability to host your own personal chart calculator through the Pro Web Widget.

    Future updates: DreamRave, Ephemeris, and Classic BodyGraph view modes.

    Available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese, Romanian and Dutch.

    Subscription, from $6/m (or $59/y)

    14-Day Free Trial



    Maia Mechanics Imaging for Windows (MMI)

    The original desktop application for Windows, first released in 2004, offers an extensive list of professional Human Design software features through multiple editions and modules.

    Please note: MMI will receive a major update later this year. While MMI will run on the majority of computers and virtual machines (except on Mac M1 devices), some of the latest Windows devices may be incompatible.

    Please download the free trial to test before purchase.

    Available in English, German, and Spanish

    One-time payment, from $49

    7-Day Free Trial