Maia Mechanics Imaging

Maia Mechanics Imaging (MMI) is the flagship software application for Human Design Chart calculation from Jovian Archive.

MMI users can easily create Individual & Connection charts, Transit charts for any date, Cycle & Return charts, and Family & Business Penta charts.

Packed with analytical tools & utilities like the complete Rave I'Ching reference, a built in Rave Ephemeris browser, and a redesigned intuitive user interface, MMI makes it easy to integrate the vast amounts of information contained within a Human Design chart.

MMI is a Microsoft Windows application for PC computers and available in several editions and extension modules, allowing users to purchase and use only the needed functionality. Download the free edition now to experience all of the features contained in the MMI Professional Edition for seven days.


The availability of a feature depends on the specific edition of MMI used. For more information about MMI editions and features visit the editions section.

Chart Calculation

With new and improved data entry forms and a Find Place feature for birth locations, users can create charts in just a few seconds. MMI utilizes the JPL planetary database and the ACS International Atlas to generate highly accurate charts down to the Base level.

Cycle Calculation

Easily calculate and view all Cycle & Transit charts used in Human Design analysis, including Saturn and Kiron returns, Uranus oppositions, Solar and Lunar returns.

Connection & Penta Calculation

MMI offers complete support for combining charts to analyze their interactions. Create a Connection chart by using drag & drop to place one chart over the other. MMI also offers Penta calculation features, allowing users with interest in Family Practice and Business Analysis to research the underlying dynamics of a Penta group.

Complete Rave I'Ching Reference

MMI contains the complete Rave I'Ching keynote reference, and can display the relevant keynote in the BodyGraph/PentaGraph by hovering over any activation. A complete Rave I'Ching Overview for any chart is also available for reference or printing and incorporates planetary fixing effects.

Comprehensive Planetary Data Reports

The Planetary Data information pod combines the various details of each planet's position and activation into an easy to understand property grid. For each planet, MMI displays Gate, Line, Tone, Color, Base, Longitude and Fixing properties.

Enhanced View Modes

MMI supports multiple View Modes for each chart. From split Personality and Design views to Rave Mandala and Incarnation Cross views, users can view the same data in multiple ways, allowing for a comprehensive display of information.

Imaging & Print Engines

An improved rendering engine quickly generates high quality chart images, allows defined aspects in a chart to be dynamically highlighted by hovering over them, and offers multiple printing options.

The Chart Library

With MMI, users can export and import individual charts, create folders to manage charts, and enjoy a centralized library for all charts. Charts are stored in an internal database, and built in email support allows users to send chart files without leaving the MMI interface.

Chart Comments

A fully integrated text editor with multiple formatting tools allows users to add comments to individual charts.

New Information Pods

The large volume of information displayed for each chart is arranged in a set of collapsible Information pods, making the most relevant data immediately available. A context-sensitive popup window allows users to highlight defined areas in a chart and instantly preview a summary of the activations and their properties.

Rave Ephemeris Browser

The Rave Ephemeris Browser displays and highlights the movement of planets in two hour intervals to easily follow up on Line changes and cusps for each planet.

Transit Watch

The Transit Watch tool allows users to specify a date range and create a series of Transit charts (also for composite charts) in order to sample the impact of planetary imprints.

Rave Time

The Rave Time is a desktop widget to keep the Just Now chart on your desktop, and can be set to start up automatically without launching MMI.

Multilingual support

MMI can accommodate several languages side by side, giving users the ability to switch the interface language while running the program. Optional language packs are free and can be downloaded here


MMI is available in a variety of editions, allowing users to purchase the features they need. Download the free edition to experience all of the features contained in the Professional Edition of MMI for seven days, and take a look at the comparison table below for a summary of each available edition.

Please note that MMI is a Microsoft Windows application. It will run on most virtual machines, but Mac M1 devices may be incompatible . Download the free trial to test the application before you make a purchase. If you require technical assistance, contact us at

Refund policy: Please note we do not offer refunds for MMI purchases. To ensure the software runs on your computer, download the free version first.

Feature Free Basic Student Professional Professional
BG5 Business
Chart Creation
Creating Rave Charts
Creating Connection Charts
Creating Cycle Charts
Creating Transit Charts
Creating Transit Watch Chart sequences
Creating Family Penta Charts
Creating BG5 Business Analysis Penta Charts
Information Display
Sub Line Planetary Data
Rave I'Ching Support
Bodygraph highlight support
Chart Statistics
Printing & Imaging
Printing Charts
Exporting Chart Images
Chart Management
Importing Charts
Exporting Charts
Sending Charts by Email
Configurable User Preferences
Rave Time
Rave Ephemeris Browser
Career Design Language
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Free Edition 7-Day Free Trial
MMI - Basic Edition $49
MMI - Student Edition $149
MMI - Professional Edition $299
MMI - Professional Penta Edition $399
BG5 Business Edition $599

MMI activation keys

After purchase you will be able to find download links to your software alongside the activation keys required in the Software section of the My Library page.


License upgrades are available for customers that wish to upgrade their edition of MMI. To find out which upgrade options are available, please introduce your MMI activation key (find it here):

BG5 Business Edition

The BG5 Business Edition is available to students currently enrolled in BG5 training. This edition is packed with analytical tools, offering BG5 Consultants the ability to easily create, analyze, and integrate the information contained within any Career and Business Design.

Get in touch to learn more or send us your authorization letter to purchase this edition.

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Extension Modules

Extension modules can be purchased and applied to most editions of MMI. To purchase an extension module, copy your MMI Activation Key (find it here) and enter it into one of the fields below.

MMAI - Advanced Imaging extension

The Advanced Imaging module (AI) is an MMI extension module which allows users to access advanced information available in a chart, displayed as the "box" view.

The AI module displays the substructure of a chart, providing advanced keynotes for Primary Health System and Rave Psychology based on Color and Tone. It also contains the "Magic Square" used in Holistic Analysis, and displays the arrows which indicate the Variable of a chart.

This extension module is only available to customers who already own MMI Student edition or higher. To purchase this extension module, please introduce your MMI Activation Key:

DreamRave extension

The DreamRave Module is an MMI extension module which allows users to create interactive DreamRave Charts with keynotes.

To find out module pricing please introduce your MMI Activation Key here below:

Free Downloads

MMI is available in several editions, including a free one that allows chart calculation. When installing MMI for the first time, all features contained in the Professional Edition of MMI are unlocked for seven days.

Please note that MMI is a Microsoft Windows application. It will run on most virtual machines, but Mac M1 devices may be incompatible . Download the free trial to test the application before you make a purchase. If you require technical assistance, contact us at

Language packs

To install MMI Language Packs simply download the appropriate pack, unzip it and run the installer file found inside. After installation, restart MMI and select the desired language from the Language menu (Under Tools in the main menu).

MMI Language Packs are currently available in the following languages:

The Famous Rave Collection

Celebrities are always of particular interest to the collective, and reviewing their Human Design charts can be fun and insightful. This collection includes 100 celebrity charts, ranging from Actors Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to artists such as Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse, and politicians and royalty including Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and many more.

To import the collection download the file to your computer. In MMI, under the File tab, click Import. Choose the 1st Import option: Import charts from an MMI Document (*.MMI). Finally, select files, and choose the downloaded .MMI file: The Famous Rave Collection

Download the collection

Help & Support

For technical inquiries or support please write us at