Advanced Education

In this category find a selection of advanced topics, ranging from Variable and Radical Transformation, to the Architecture of Life and other advanced mechanics.

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  • Environment and Differentiation

    Environment and Differentiation

    Every living creature is built for specific environments. Discover how your Design Nodes determine which environment is healthiest for your differentiation.
  • Group Mechanics: The Wa

    Group Mechanics: The Wa

    Groups represent the main conditioning force of humanity. Learn how large trans-auric forms of nine or more people called Wa impact humanity.
  • Perspective and Enlightenment

    Perspective and Enlightenment

    Are you seeing correctly? Learn how link nodes make it possible for the Personality to reach its potential for the right perspective and “enlightened” awareness.
  • Being Right

    Being Right

    What does being “Right” mean? Join Ra in a thorough exploration of Right Variable, and how it determines the 4 steps to transforming the Brain, Body, Perspective and Awareness.
  • The True “I am”

    The True “I am”

    Can we really trust our mind’s interpretations of what the body and brain perceive as we navigate the complexities of our lives? Join Ra as he addresses the construct of the Self.
  • The Left: The Traps of History

    The Left: The Traps of History

    Strategic formulas are based on survival, fear, and the need to control — but this is changing as we are getting closer to the coming evolutionary change. Learn where we are going as a species.
Showing 7 to 12 (of 26 items)