The Rave Anatomy Series

In 1994, Ra published a collection of graphics and keynotes he created to illustrate his writing “From The Book of Letters”. He called this work “Rave Anatomy: Mapping the Mechanics of the Maia." This 22-lecture series is the culmination of Ra's work with the BodyGraph.

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  • Left, Right, and Inner Hearing | RA2.2

    Left, Right, and Inner Hearing | RA2.2

    This lecture describes the nature of Tonal cognitive architecture and its relation in the BodyGraph to the three “deaf Gates,” as well as to acoustics present in the three Gates of the left, right, and “inner” ear.
  • The Nine Fuels | RA2.3

    The Nine Fuels | RA2.3

    Explore in detail the nature of each of the nine fuel sources emerging from the Root Center, and the relation their nine respective Gates have to the three Centers they provide energy to.
  • The Fork in the Road | RA2.4

    The Fork in the Road | RA2.4

    After 2027, new possibilities will emerge for changing the old paradigm of tribal leadership to a new form of individualism. Ra describes the transition from the bargain of the past to the role model of the future.
  • The Mechanics of Immortality | RA2.5

    The Mechanics of Immortality | RA2.5

    Discover the difference between survivability and conceivable immortality in our Design, and whether the structure of our bio-form can support the BodyGraph’s potential construct that could lead to the latter
  • Splenic Awareness | RA2.6

    Splenic Awareness | RA2.6

    This lecture describes the first in our evolution and the most ancient of our three Awareness Centers, the Splenic system, as the very foundation of our ability to survive and thrive.
  • Ajna Awareness | RA2.7

    Ajna Awareness | RA2.7

    As the second in the evolution of the three Awareness Centers, the Ajna plays a key role in self-reflection, as well as not-self mental activity. Ra examines how it has been misused, and explores its potential as an Outer Authority.
Showing 13 to 18 (of 22 items)