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  • The Magnetic Monopole: The Key at the Heart of Being

    The Magnetic Monopole: The Key at the Heart of Being

    What makes it possible for us to experience life through the quantum view of the Body and Mind? Learn about the Magnetic Monopole and its role in forming the Self.
  • The True “I am”

    The True “I am”

    Can we really trust our mind’s interpretations of what the body and brain perceive as we navigate the complexities of our lives? Join Ra as he addresses the construct of the Self.
  • The Juxtaposition Theory

    The Juxtaposition Theory

    Is there a Theory of Everything? Juxtaposition Unified Theory is an introduction to the theoretical basis of the Human Design System that offers an unusual explanation for the dualistic aspects of nature.
  • Nurturing A Unique Being

    Nurturing A Unique Being

    Are there specific ways to nurture the well-being of your child? Join Ra in this practical guide to supporting health and development based on Type, nutrition, and environment.
  • You and Your Way

    You and Your Way

    A detailed account of each of the six kinds of digestive or assimilative dietary regimens and environmental conditions that are keys for personal transformation, and provide optimal health when followed.
  • Radical Transformations

    Radical Transformations

    Strategy and Authority set the foundation for wellbeing, but how do we go deeper? Discover the radical changes that we can experience through the 4 Transformations.
Showing 7 to 12 (of 36 items)