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The Archive contains an extensive collection of Ra's teachings in the form of audio recordings, educational videos and digital books. We offer information and education on a wide selection of topics for newcomers to Design and advanced students or professionals. We also provide the official Human Design chart calculating software programs: Maia Mechanics Imaging and Jovian Mobile.

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 width=The 64 Evolutionary Steps Sale

In Human Design there is a mathematical ordering of the hexagrams around the wheel in a natural and logical sequence. But then why are the hexagrams numbered the way they are?


The 64 Material Ways

Ra takes you on a 9-hour journey through the 64 archetypal themes of 'making money' by examining each of the 3rd lines in the Rave I-Ching.


Split Definitions and Relationships

One of the most difficult things to do in life is maintain quality relationships. Why do we have relationships? And what is it within the relationship mechanism that actually makes it possible?


IHDS: International Human Design School

The Official Gateway to Human Design Education HERE.                The 2014/2015 IHDS Fall Brochure HERE.                                                 

The 16 Faces of the Godhead

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