Welcome to Jovian Archive, the official site of the Human Design System and the work of Ra Uru Hu.

The Archive contains an extensive collection of Ra's teachings in the form of audio recordings, educational videos and digital books. We offer information and education on a wide selection of topics for newcomers to Design and advanced students or professionals. We also provide the official Human Design chart calculating software programs: Maia Mechanics Imaging and Jovian Mobile. For further information please contact us at office@jovianarchive.com

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imgThe Mechanics of the Maia - Angles & Profiles Series

Discover Everyone's Role, Costume, and Behavior. Are you puzzled about why others act they way they do, or curious about why you interact with the world in certain ways? Sale Ends Novemeber 28.


Human Design Angles - Destiny, Fate, Karma

Article by Andrea Abay-Abay: "Discover The Theme of Your Role In the Grand Theater of Life. Do some of your behaviors (or others’ behaviors) confuse you or make you uncomfortable? Would you..."


Quarters and Angles (eBook)

This is a proofed transcript of the original 7½ hour seminar from 2002, introducing Quarters as a framework for Rave analysis. The general theme of purpose is examined through the 12...


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