What are the Human Design Chart, BodyGraph and Mandala?

This image shows you the Rave Mandala of the Human Design System. Here we can see the synthesis of the esoteric and exoteric systems combined to give a graphical depiction of the forces at work, imprinting us and influencing our experience of the world.

Synthesis of the Rave Mandala

Human Design uses your birth data to calculate your Human Design Chart, or BodyGraph. The BodyGraph is a graphic illustration of the energetic flow within your system, a blueprint for how you operate and interact with the world.

Your BodyGraph shows your Definition—anything colored in—and your openness—anything left white. Definition reveals who you are, and remains consistent throughout your life. Your openness is where you are susceptible to conditioning, and can result in what Human Design calls the Not-Self.

The BodyGraph - Definition vs Openness

Understanding your chart provides you with simple tools, starting with the essential strategy of your Type and Authority. Your chart shows which of the four Types you are, and combined with your personal Authority, determines the strategy for making the right decisions.

Once you begin to grasp the information within your own Human Design you come to realize the power of your mind, and how heavily your decisions have been influenced by your conditioning.

Human Design Chart, Jovian and MBG

With time and knowledge, and by experimenting with the strategies Human Design will show you, you’ll discover how the process of deconditioning makes a tremendous difference to the experience of your life.

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