Type: Strategy, Signature and Aura

In this series Ra explores the Four Types through the themes of Aura, Strategy and Signature.

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  • Generator and Manifesting Generator

    Generator and Manifesting Generator

    Explore the most dominant energy type making up 70% of the population. Learn practical solutions for correct decision making, harnessing the power of Response.
  • Manifestor


    Explore this type that makes up 9% of the population - The only type designed to Initiate. Understand the power and purpose of impacting others, and how to transform anger into peace.
  • Projector


    Learn why 20% of the population is ‘not here to work’ and what it means to be truly recognized and invited. Understand the gift of mastering systems and how to move from bitterness to success.
  • Reflector


    Learn what it means to have all 9 Centers of the BodyGraph open and how this openness allows the aware Reflector to sample Auras. Discover how the rarest Type finds their truth through the cycles of the Moon.