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  • Living Life for Yourself
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Living Life for Yourself

    The biggest achievement that you have in your life is your experimentation with Strategy and Authority, because that's really an amazing thing when you look at the world out there and you begin to understand how dense conditioning really is.

  • Mind Stands in the Way
    Ra Uru Hu Mind and Conditioning

    Mind Stands in the Way

    One of the great dilemmas that you’re going to face as we move along in this journey is understanding that what stands in the way is mind. As long as your mind is going to be in charge of your decision making process...

  • We are Here to See Uniquely
    Ra Uru Hu The Four Transformations

    We are Here to See Uniquely

    You want to see? You have to see from a platform that's correct, because the moment that your vehicle is correct, the moment that you’re in the right environment is the moment you've got the right perspective. And then you can see.

  • Human Violence
    Ra Uru Hu Group Mechanics

    Human Violence

    It’s an amazing thing about the nature of human violence. It was one of the things in my own studies that I’ve tried to look at and see and discover many themes in the mechanics.

  • Trans-Auric Forms Condition Humanity
    Ra Uru Hu Group Mechanics

    Trans-Auric Forms Condition Humanity

    The reality is the world is dominated by trans-auric forms. Most of the things we think are ugly in human beings aren’t in your personal chart, have never been in your personal chart. But they come alive in trans-auric forms.

  • Humans Needed the Mystical Way
    Ra Uru Hu Human Design Concepts

    Humans Needed the Mystical Way

    It’s extraordinary, this search, and we see it in so many ways. Whether you see it as esoteric, New Age, counterculture, traditional, this and that and all the various things, this is the end of it.

Showing 19 to 24 (of 152 items)