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  • The Magnetic Monopole: The Key at the Heart of Being

    The Magnetic Monopole: The Key at the Heart of Being

    What makes it possible for us to experience life through the quantum view of the Body and Mind? Learn about the Magnetic Monopole and its role in forming the Self. Normally $37, now $29 until August 20th.
    $37.00 $29.00
  • The Undefined Ego

    The Undefined Ego

    The Curse’, no other Center openness attracts more painful psychological conditioning.
  • Radical Transformations (eBook included)

    Radical Transformations (eBook included)

    Transform your life physically and psychologically: Dietary Regimen (PHS), correct Environment, unique Perspective and Awareness.
  • Type Sexual Signatures

    Type Sexual Signatures

    Discover your potential for sexual fulfillment. In this lecture, Ra Uru Hu humorously reveals how we are each capable of achieving a sense of well-being in our sex lives based on the nature of our Type.
  • The 64 Material Ways

    The 64 Material Ways

    Have you ever struggled financially? Discover the unique possibilities inherent in your design. Get that deeply fulfilled signature of doing work you not only enjoy but also love. Find out how to read your personal treasure map, and achieve your material potential.
  • You and the Shadow

    You and the Shadow

    When making decisions based on Type and Inner Authority, we each have the potential to access the wisdom gained from our open Centers. But there is also the potential to live out the distortion...
Showing 1 to 6 (of 8 items)