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Do you want a deeper understanding of the Human Design BodyGraph? In this category find audios covering Centers, Channels, Circuitry, Conditioning, and more.

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  • Sacral Conditioning: A Guide to Non-Sacral Beings

    Sacral Conditioning: A Guide to Non-Sacral Beings

    Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors are profoundly impacted by the Sacral frequency. Discover how the non-Sacral being can navigate this powerful conditioning field and achieve new levels of well-being.
  • The Gates of Fear

    The Gates of Fear

    Fear is a part of our human process. Gain insight into the potential for awareness found within the different types of fear by understanding the Gates of Fear within the Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus Centers.
  • The Gates of Melancholy

    The Gates of Melancholy

    Everyone has mutative potential. Discover how melancholy from Gates and Channels of the Individual Circuitry can bring transformation through creative endeavours.
  • You and the Shadow

    You and the Shadow

    Our Open Centers can draw us into living through the distortions of the Not-Self – but understanding them offers us access to our own unique wisdom.
  • The Guardian and The Builder

    The Guardian and The Builder

    Profiling Gates represent the essence of where Profile archetypes are derived. Gate 50 and Gate 6 are the only Profiling Gates in the BodyGraph’s Awareness Centers. Discover the root of our survival and emotional intelligences.
  • The 36 Roles

    The 36 Roles

    The 36 Roles takes us through what are known as Profiling Gates, and provides a deeper analytical understanding of Profiles. What are your Role Gates?
Showing 1 to 6 (of 19 items)