History & Future

Does the present feel chaotic and uncertain? Where is this build-up of tension in the world heading? In this category, and the other series of this category, find a selection of audios covering the past, present, and future. View all history and future materials here.

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  • You and the Program

    You and the Program

    How can we prepare for the changes 2027 will bring? Join Ra in exploring how the Program that has influenced us is ending, and how claiming our Authority can guide us in transcending this life.
  • A Look at the Rave

    A Look at the Rave

    What does the arrival of the Rave signify? What can we expect in 2027? Join Ra as he explores what these new beings will mean to our world as we have known it.
    $27.00 $37.00
  • Emotionality in the Time of Mutation

    Emotionality in the Time of Mutation

    Everything about the nature of life has been rooted in the emotionality of the Solar Plexus. Join Ra in exploring what the mutation of the Solar Plexus is changing for us all.
    $19.00 $37.00
  • 3 Years until the Changing of the Keys

    3 Years until the Changing of the Keys

    For over 400 years, our species has been living based on the conditioning pattern of the Cross of Planning. Join Ra in this 2008 recording (then 19 years...) to learn what will happen when this way of living comes to an end.
    $27.00 $37.00
  • The 64 Evolutionary Steps

    The 64 Evolutionary Steps

    Go on a journey of our evolution from beginning to end. This is the only course that explains the sequencing of the 64 Hexagrams around the Rave Mandala and provides an in-depth explanation of each Gate. Now includes eBook.
  • The Nine-Centered Being & Communion

    The Nine-Centered Being & Communion

    Join Ra in this new lecture exploring our evolutionary movement from a strategic to a receptive way of life, and how to achieve true communion in our relationships.