The Rave Anatomy Series

In 1994, Ra published a collection of graphics and keynotes he created to illustrate his writing “From The Book of Letters”. He called this work “Rave Anatomy: Mapping the Mechanics of the Maia." This 22-lecture series is the culmination of Ra's work with the BodyGraph.

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  • The Senses of The BodyGraph | RA1.1

    The Senses of The BodyGraph | RA1.1

    This lesson explores our senses, both at the architectural level and, more mundanely, as tools that keep us alive, alert and in touch. Learn about each sense and how to align yourself with your architecture to experience life as you were designed.Topics covered: The Underlying Architecture of the B
  • The Word | RA1.2

    The Word | RA1.2

    The Throat Center is the center of manifestation, and each of its 11 Gates are connected to the voice. Join Ra in examining the difference between open and defined Throats, and how the defined Throat can get locked in to influence us through not-self strategies.
  • The Primary Gates of Action | RA1.3

    The Primary Gates of Action | RA1.3

    Our activity is controlled by three Centers: Emotions, Ego and Sacral. Ra elaborates on the primary Gates of action operating out of the Throat, and the dynamic between the 20/34 Manifesting Generator channel and the 43/23 Projector channel.
  • The Gates of Fear | RA1.4

    The Gates of Fear | RA1.4

    Twenty of the 64 Gates are Fear Gates. Fears can have a conditioning influence, but also help us live our Design as they force our intelligence to grow. Learn how to move beyond the not-self use of fears that control you.
  • The Nine Fuels | RA1.5

    The Nine Fuels | RA1.5

    Mental and physical pressures are based within the nine Gates of the Root Center, and provide the fuel for the energetic direction of the body. This lesson will help you gain a deeper appreciation for the influence of the often-overlooked Root Center.
  • The Third Gate — The Power of Mutation | RA1.6

    The Third Gate — The Power of Mutation | RA1.6

    The 3rd Gate is the source of change and mutation in life. It is the controller of the movement of the genetic information throughout the BodyGraph. In this overview, Ra explores the power of mutation and its role in leading us into the future.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 22 items)