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  • The Memory Network | RA1.8

    The Memory Network | RA1.8

    Ra takes a deeper look at the nature of memory as a support in living our Design by holding us together and giving us the potential to transform. This lesson gives a deeper understanding of how collective memory functions, and of the importance of memory in our lives.
  • The Mutative System | Formats & Transcendence

    The Mutative System | Formats & Transcendence

    Individuality touches most every Design. Based in the Format Channel 3/60, it carries a specific chemistry that allows for mutation. But, this expectation of change can create challenges to the creative spirit.
  • The Mystery of the 19th Gate

    The Mystery of the 19th Gate

    The way in which we will relate to material resources is changing completely. How do we prepare for what is to come with the breakdown of the Channel 19/49?
  • The Mystery of the G | RA2.9

    The Mystery of the G | RA2.9

    The G Center is our Center for identity, direction, and love; but it also binds us together in a synthesis of Personality and Design through the Magnetic Monopole. This lecture describes how this process defines our individual uniqueness.
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  • The Nine Fuels | RA1.5

    The Nine Fuels | RA1.5

    Mental and physical pressures are based within the nine Gates of the Root Center, and provide the fuel for the energetic direction of the body. This lesson will help you gain a deeper appreciation for the influence of the often-overlooked Root Center.
  • The Nine Fuels | RA2.3

    The Nine Fuels | RA2.3

    Explore in detail the nature of each of the nine fuel sources emerging from the Root Center, and the relation their nine respective Gates have to the three Centers they provide energy to.
Showing 151 to 156 (of 186 items)