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  • The Solar Plexus Streams | RA1.11

    The Solar Plexus Streams | RA1.11

    The Solar Plexus System is the emotional Authority of the majority of beings on the planet, and a great deal of distortion permeates its energy field. In this lesson, Ra uses the Solar Plexus Streams to illustrate the beauty of aware Emotionality.
  • The Splenic Streams | RA1.9

    The Splenic Streams | RA1.9

    Streams are the bedrock of understanding the BodyGraph and its energy flow, and can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Ra looks at the influence of Individual, logical Collective, and Tribal Circuity.
  • The Third Gate — The Power of Mutation | RA1.6

    The Third Gate — The Power of Mutation | RA1.6

    The 3rd Gate is the source of change and mutation in life. It is the controller of the movement of the genetic information throughout the BodyGraph. In this overview, Ra explores the power of mutation and its role in leading us into the future.
  • The True “I am”

    The True “I am”

    Can we really trust our mind’s interpretations of what the body and brain perceive as we navigate the complexities of our lives? Join Ra as he addresses the construct of the Self.
  • The Undefined Ego

    The Undefined Ego

    "The Curse" — No other open Center attracts more painful psychological conditioning. Understand the deep challenges of maintaining a healthy Ego and how to achieve well-being with an undefined Ego.
  • The Wa

    The Wa

    Group dynamics have a distinctly different impact on humanity than other types of conditioning. Discover how 9 people or more create a group aura called a Wa, and how it is driven for material success.
Showing 163 to 168 (of 185 items)