Ra Uru Hu Lectures - Ibiza 2009

The four lectures in this series, from the mundane of the 'Money Game' to the profoundly heretical 'Beginning without Intent', were all recorded live at the 2009 Ibiza Event.

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  • The Money Game

    The Money Game

    What does it mean financially and economically that the ‘Cross of Planning’ is fading away? Explore how this change will affect the material world. Learn how you can gain mastery of the material plane.
  • The Truth about the Moon

    The Truth about the Moon

    How do you take in experiences? This is a process ruled by the Moon. Learn to be free from our mind’s interpretation of our experiences. How you can awaken and surrender to what it is to be you.
  • Seeing, Seeing, Seeing

    Seeing, Seeing, Seeing

    Is the busyness of your mind interfering with your life? The not-self mind cannot truly ‘see’. Learn how we can each be transformed to see unique to our own nature.
  • Beginning Without Intent

    Beginning Without Intent

    What would it be like to live in a world without winners and losers, and without ego strategies? Discover the new way of uniqueness and differentiation which lead to personal transformation.