The Not-Self - Wa Immersion - Ibiza 2010

The Wa Immersion was a 5-day course held live in Ibiza during the summer of 2010. It was one of the last live events Ra Uru Hu ever taught live.

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  • The Not-Self - Part 1

    The Not-Self - Part 1

    Essential for understanding the basics of reading a Human Design chart. Gain insight into how the open areas in your chart shape how you see the world and identity the major conditioning forces in your life.
  • The Not-Self - Part 2

    The Not-Self - Part 2

    Join Ra as he covers the chart analysis of live participants. Learn the basic mechanics of Penta and the Wa configuration. Delve into practical information for any student interested in group mechanics.
  • The Not-Self - Part 3

    The Not-Self - Part 3

    In Part 3 of the Not-Self course, Ra continues with the chart analysis of each of the participants. With each chart in front of you, listen to how Ra gives a reading - and learn how they are meant to be read!