Definition is your life force. It's the basis of who you are and remains consistent throughout your life. Discover how your definition works, what the important aspects are, and practical guidance to deal with any inherent dilemmas.

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  • Single Definition

    Single Definition

    The only definition that provides a sense of consistency and wholeness. Learn the strengths of this definition and how it can navigate through the overwhelming open Center conditioning.
  • Split Definition

    Split Definition

    Explore why this definition has the drive to connect with the other to experience wholeness. Discover practical tools for dealing with not-self themes that emerge in the open places between splits.
  • Triple Split Definition

    Triple Split Definition

    Learn about the strongest conditioning force for Triple Splits. What does it mean to have three different parts working autonomously with their own agenda? Why are others important for triple-splits?
  • Quadruple Split Definition

    Quadruple Split Definition

    Explore the rarest phenomena in Human Design. Learn how information is processed, how fixedness works, and the importance of bridging the splits in a healthy way.