Inner Authority

Inner Authority is the key to correct decision making. In this series Ra examines the many different forms of Inner Authority.

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  • Inner Authority - Solar Plexus

    Inner Authority - Solar Plexus

    Do you have a defined Solar Plexus Center? This is automatically your Authority. Learn why the Solar Plexus Center finds clarity over time. Understand the power of the Emotional wave and why there is “no truth in the now”.
  • Inner Authority - Sacral

    Inner Authority - Sacral

    Learn why responding to life moment to moment brings satisfaction. Explore the deeply spiritual nature of the Generator who trusts their responses to life.
  • Inner Authority - Splenic

    Inner Authority - Splenic

    Survival, Fear, Instinct, Intuition and Wellbeing. Learn why listening to your Intuition is directly connected to your health. Understand why the Spleen can be difficult to notice or trust.
  • Inner Authority - Minor Authorities

    Inner Authority - Minor Authorities

    Ego Manifested - Ego Projected - Self Projected. Do you trust the power of your voice? The Vocal authority group making up 4% of the population must learn to trust, respect and abide by what they say. Save 30% until May 26th.
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  • Inner Authority - No Direct Inner Authority

    Inner Authority - No Direct Inner Authority

    For Reflectors & Mental Projectors. How to build up the energy to navigate through life. Understand the power of using Outer Authority.