The Human Design System - A Complete Guide

After twenty-one years of teaching Human Design, Ra Uru Hu took the opportunity to lay out a guide to the full spectrum of the knowledge. The Complete Guide to the Human Design System is a grand overview from Cosmology to Correctness. 

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  • The Beginning before the Start

    The Beginning before the Start

    The story begins with the crystals of consciousness. Learn how through these crystals life, form, and consciousness emerges. How the world of illusion operates.
  • The Global Orchestration Directories

    The Global Orchestration Directories

    The acronym is GOD Learn how these forces are aligned and how they impact our lives. Witness how the crystal consciousness field impacts us. Discover the coordinating forces on the planet and how they operate.
  • The Program and the Godhead

    The Program and the Godhead

    Journey through the mechanics of the Program and how it affects us. Learn how to stop the Program from impacting your decision making. How to navigate more easily and find your own way.
  • The Seven Centered Being

    The Seven Centered Being

    Gain insight into how we have been conditioned by the Seven-Centered life to be mentally strategic and fear-based, and how we can move beyond the not-self world.
  • The Nine Centered Being

    The Nine Centered Being

    How have we evolved as a different species from the Neanderthal? Journey through mutations of our visual cortex. The nine-centered being is designed to have its own Authority.
  • The Rave

    The Rave

    Join Ra in taking a multi-faceted look at the mutations we are currently experiencing. Understand the four stages of mutation of the Solar Plexus Center and how they will eliminate the emotional wave.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 15 items)