Definition is what is consistent and reliable within us; it is what creates our Type and determines our Strategy and Authority. Definition in the BodyGraph shows us a schematic of the way energy flows within us. It also determines how we operate, how we interact with and what we look for in others.


A crucial aspect of how we relate to and connect with others is that some of us look for close, tribal connections in order to bond, while others function more independently. There is a broad spectrum of ways we inter-connect, depending on the particular configuration of our Human Design BodyGraph.

There are four* different kinds of Definition:

  • Single: a continuous connection
  • Split definition: two areas of definition separate from each other
  • Triple split definition: three separated areas
  • And rarely, Quadruple split definitions: four separate areas
  • Very rarely, there is no definition*

Most important, Definition or not leads to the core of Human Design knowledge and its value to you, Type.

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