The Planets

Human Design explains the impact of the planets on our nature, because neutrinos carry the information from the planets to us. Stars in distant reaches of space are constantly beaming neutrinos everywhere, and they pass through the planets to imprint our bodies. The continual movement of the Sun and the planets means that the neutrino information passing through us at the moment of birth is always unique, and will never again be repeated.

As mentioned in the Personality vs Design segment, there are two imprints that create your Human Design Chart: time of birth, and 88º of the Sun (approx. 90 days) prior to birth.

At these two moments in time, the positions of the planets in our solar system codify the neutrino information in very specific ways as it streams through our bodies.

The planets

The planets can be referred to as our local programming agents. This is why down the ages, we have always described them as ‘gods’ in our mythologies. Every planet, depending where it is in your design, lends its flavor to your nature, at both conscious and unconscious levels.

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