Personality vs. Design

There are two calculations used to generate your Human Design Chart:

Personality (Black column in the Human Design Chart)

Personality Calculation

Your actual time of birth is used to calculate your Personality chart. To the right of your BodyGraph, you can see numbers in black next to symbols of the planets. These calculations describe characteristics attributed to your Personality. These characteristics are ones that you will recognize, as they are what you have conscious access to and therefore, can relate to. Because you consciously identify with these characteristics, you think of your personality as representation of who you are.

Design (Red column in the Human Design Chart)

Design Calculation

This calculation is based on the position of the Sun approx. 88 days (or 88 degrees) prior to the moment of your birth. To the left of your BodyGraph, you will see numbers in red next to the planetary glyphs. These calculations describe characteristics attributed to your body consciousness, and show you the nature of your unconscious.

Your body’s intelligence lies below the level of your conscious awareness and therefore you do not necessarily have access to it, though it forms an equally important part of your identity. This intelligence expresses itself through certain characteristics, and other people can often see these characteristics much more clearly than you do because you are not consciously aware of them.

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