Profile & Angle

Profile is another basic component of Human Design. It adds further nuances to Design, diving deeper into what truly differentiates us. While you share certain characteristics with others, for example, those with the same Type and Authority, a different Profile takes you on very different paths. It can be seen as a costume we wear while learning to play specific roles. These roles enrich our experience of life, as we engage with and impact others through our particular part. Altogether there are 12 Profiles, with six primary roles representing basic themes in combination with each other.

The 12 Profiles

Profile is derived from the positions of the Sun and Earth in both columns of the chart. On the Personality side, this is something you are going to resonate with (calculations in black on the right side of your BodyGraph). Here you find themes, attributes and behaviors you will recognize, and identify with.

On the Design side, (red on the left side of your BodyGraph) the line values of the Sun and Earth account for the second number in your Profile. This represents your unconscious behaviors, attributes and needs.

Both of the numbers in your Profile combined represent key aspects of you. A main part of understanding our purpose is coming to terms with the roles we play.

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