The Nine Centers

In Human Design, “Centers” are what we call the geometric shapes located inside the BodyGraph. Centers are focal points, or hubs, that receive and transform the energy, or life force, that circulates throughout the BodyGraph.

Each of the nine Centers of the Bodygraph has its own distinct biological correlation, i.e. the Splenic Center is connected to the lymphatic system, and the Root Center to the Adrenal Glands.

The Nine Centers

Each Center has a specific function, and there are signposts of how they function correctly, and influence behavior when operating incorrectly.

Centers can be Defined (colored in) or Open (white). The way Centers are Defined and connected to each other determines your Type, Authority, and more.

An open Center in your BodyGraph is one of the primary receptors of conditioning—or outside influences taken into your physical being. This receptor impacts your mind's decision-making process and creates what the Human Design System calls the Not-Self. The Not-Self leads you to make decisions based on strategies derived from conditioning rather than your true self.

Open Centers

Conditioning is a fact of life you cannot avoid nor would you want to. Ignorance is the only detriment here. If you are unaware of how you are deeply conditioned through your open Centers, it can overwhelm you and compromise your capacity to experience your true potential. However, when you are operating correctly, and your mind is no longer making life decisions, open Centers can be an incredible source of wisdom developed over time. Understanding your conditioning and how it impacts your mental, emotional and physical being is the first step to leading a life as yourself.

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